Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Lee Milteer’s “Forgive for Prosperity”

Lee Milteer is an internationally known Performance & Productivity Coach, TV Personality, and Speaker who has counseled and trained over a million people throughout her career.

Greetings John,

As we discussed last week, we’re doing a series on creating prosperity in your life. My sincere desire is to share with you strategies to empower you and help you to gain the confidence that comes from understanding how manifesting works; to give you the tools to create whatever you want; to take your vision, your dreams, your hopes, and your fantasies and make them real.

One huge roadblock to creating prosperity is holding on to angry feelings — bearing a grudge. As an example, Tammy is a friend of mine; she and her husband had just moved into their first home when she found out she was expecting their first child. The new house needed a complete paint job so Tammy’s father offered to come over and help her paint. After two weeks of hard work in close quarters, Tammy and her father began to get on each other’s nerves. One day they had a raging fight where both of them said some very nasty things to each other. Her father ultimately left the house angry and refused to come back and finish painting. They haven’t spoken to each other since the big blow-up, leaving Tammy so upset that she burst into tears at the mere thought of her father. Tammy’s husband wants her to call her father for reconciliation, but she remains adamant that it’s his place to call her. After all, she is expecting her first child and he deserted her in the middle of this huge painting job, even though she recognizes the blow up was really over a misunderstanding and nothing to argue about; she stubbornly maintains that she is right.

The problem here is that she would rather be right than have peace in her family — and this energy leak of worrying about the rift in her family is creating unhappiness for her. No matter who you are, you have some type of similar story from your own life or business. So many times, we hold on to our righteous feelings, even when it hurts us and our businesses. We are too stubborn to give in and admit that we are 50 percent of the problem.

An important rule of creating a happier, healthier, and more successful life, is to be aware of the how you are using your life energy; you are made up of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual life energy. If you’re using your energy holding on to past grudges, anger, guilty feelings or not letting go of negative feelings like Tammy is doing, you’re wasting your life energy. Using your life energy to hold on to negative thoughts prevents you from creating new ideas and then having the energy to take action on them. The antidote is to forgive yourself and forgive other people. Many people have a hard time with the concept of forgiveness. But the point is that you do not have to condone what wrongs you perceive others to have done. You’re not forgiving them for them. You are giving yourself a gift by forgiving them for yourself. Forgiveness is releasing the thoughts, grudges, and anger that take up your time and energy. Through forgiveness and release of negative energy, your power of attracting good is greatly increased.

Love and Light,

Lee Milteer

Lee Milteer is an internationally known Performance & Productivity Coach, TV Personality, and Speaker who has counseled and trained over a million people throughout her career. Lee is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching Program and is also a best-selling author of educational resources like Success is An Inside Job and Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors. Find out more and sign up for no-cost success resources at

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