Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Content Creation, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, and PLR

I get PLR articles every day from one source or another, most are never opened!

Of the ones I have opened, not one has been useful in its entirety. At best, I will get an idea for an article or two, like this one. The article you are reading is actually the result of skimming through an article entitled “How to Get Your Ex Back.” Yup! I received the PLR article as an email attachment today. The article was so awful, it gave me an idea for at least two more articles! The mind is a mysterious mechanism, isn’t it?

I often wonder, as I skim through the articles I do open, “Who writes this stuff?” And, more to the point, “Who reads this stuff?” Keep in mind when I use the word “stuff,” I am being very generous. PLR has always intrigued me because it caters to, and preys upon, individuals looking for a shortcut, an easy way to generate traffic, to get noticed, and, ultimately, to make a buck. Sadly, many just don’t know any better, being sold a bill-of-goods by a savvy info marketer.

Interestingly, you can find PLR articles, PLR videos, PLR autoresponder series, PLR eBooks, and PLR anything else you can think of almost anywhere. I am not even going to get into MRR, I will only confuse you! OK, I’ve gotten a little carried away here, you can find PLR almost anywhere. The “stuff” (let’s agree to be nice) is certainly available for just about any and every niche imaginable.

Look at PLR this way, if someone is attempting to offer blog posts, articles, videos, eBooks, or whatever online? If an individual is engaging in Internet marketing, and particularly info marketing? Then someone is creating and selling the rights to often hurriedly created “stuff.”

Incredibly, people are making money on this “stuff,” right?

I mean, someone has to be making a lot of money on this “stuff,” right? Yhey have to be, because PLR is a very big industry! The part I don’t get, the part that just amazes me, is that everyone seems to recognize just how bad, and just how useless, most of this “stuff” is.

And they still buy it!

For example, let’s use PLR articles. All you have to do is go to one of the less reputable “guru” sites, some refer to them as “freelancer” sites, and you will find a plethora of individuals willing to crank out “stuff” at a buck a crack. That’s right! You can get a human being to spend their time writing articles for between 50 cents (for a rewrite, sometimes for an “original” article) and one dollar (for “originals”), all day long. They will do anything for the business and the articles reflect their price tag…they are generally worthless.

Some of the articles generated by these article farms are so bad they cannot be salvaged, even with extensive editing. Others are so atrocious, the spinning software creates such a mess the articles seemingly go from English to Klingon right before your eyes. Amazingly, I don’t think Worf would be able to “decode” them!

“Nack luj tga nuf  tght!”

“Useless,” like “stuff,” is being kind.

So, what’s the answer? How does one go from “newbie” (I hate labels) to accomplished writer, a “guru” (another label) or expert (better) if you will, able to create and submit quality material? How does a budding Internet marketer create material both consumable and, perhaps, saleable?

Interestingly, creating material for blogs, article submission, video sharing, or other info marketing purposes is not as difficult as it initially seems. Those intimidated by the idea and the process can and do get started every day and do quite well. You can too!

First, for those who want to create usable blog posts and articles, a handheld voice recorder and speech recongition software is a fantastic way of transferring ideas to your computer and then to blog or article form. Amazingly, some of the newest software is so sophisticated you can literally speak into a small hand-held device, plug it into your computer when finished or whenever you have time, turn it on, and the result will spill out onto the page, or the monitor screen. Then, all you have to do is edit accordingly. Do this and you will have conversational blog posts and articles. You can do the same thing over a period of days and create an eBook. Once you get the hang of it, you will never be caught without your recording device, as ideas will flow and article creation will become an easy and ongoing process.

Second, you can invest in a FlipMino HD or similar video camera and just start experimenting. Before long you will have it down to a science and, like the hand-held recorder, you will never be without it. Combine the Flip with JingPro and Screencast, created by TechSmith, or, for those who have a bit more to invest, Snagit and Camtasia, also created by TechSmith, and you are in the video production and video marketing business in a manner of days. In fact, the Flip, Jing, and Screencast software are so easy to use, you will be up and running in a few minutes. Once you get comfortable with the camera and the software, you will wonder what took you so long.

Finally, by taking the money you waste on “useless” and unusable “stuff,” investing it in equipment and software, you will be producing high quality content, both written and video, in no time at all, content that will go viral instead of putting you and your blog or social media platform on Google’s “S” list…and I don’t mean “S”uperior list!

PLR is almost always duplicate content and, while there is an argument raging about penalties and slaps, there can be little doubt that inferior material offered by every Tom, Dick, and PLR buyer will not be looked upon favorably by the search engine gods (i.e., Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

Create quality content? Get found!

Offer duplicate content? Get gone!

It is up to you!

The cost in terms of time and money is so small to do it right when compared to the cost of doing it wrong. The savings by doing it “on the cheap” will cost you in ways you cannot begin to imagine but will definitely feel in your pocketbook or wallet. For long-term success, go for original, quality content and forget the Klingon stuff…it doesn’t translate well anyway. Go original…go viral! Again, it’s up to you!

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