Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

How to Succeed Online: Positioning and Differentiation

The Internet Marketing One-Two Punch

Positioning and Differentiation are the one-two punch, the two halves a single whole!

Positioning – As applied to marketing, whether Internet marketing, inbound marketing, or outbound marketing, positioning is the process by which all marketers attempt to create an identity and image in the minds of their target audience or market for a particular idea, product, brand, business, or organization. Positioning has to do with defining the target market in which the brand or product will compete and who the target audience will be.

Differentiation – Differentiation is the other half of what many consider the ultimate formula for success in business, together the linchpin, at least according to many of the greatest business minds of the last 100 years. And yes, it applies to Internet marketing, online business generally, and inbound marketing. In terms of business development, differentiation sets you, your firm, and the businesses you assist, your clients, apart for the herd. Differentiation has to do with distinguishing ourselves and our businesses from whomever or whatever we may be compared to on a day-to-day basis.

For a more in depth discussion of positioning and differentiation, I suggest  Google Knols.

For an example of Positioning and Differentiation, I recommend In Memory of Randy Pausch: A Lesson in Positioning and Differentiation!

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