Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

An Internet Promotions Genius: 147 of us listened for 2 hours to a real Internet marketing genius talk about Giveaway Riches and other things!

A Promotional and Internet Marketing Genius Shares his Secrets to Giveaway Riches: No Charge!

I usually don’t get excited about many things, particularly when it comes to people trying to sell me something (read: hustle me out of my money!). But this guy, this soft-spoken young man with the matter-of-fact style and quick wit, he’s very different.

First I thought, “Well, I’ll listen for a few minutes!”

Then I figured, “Well, maybe an hour!”

Before it was all over? Almost two hours had flown by and I felt like I’d known the guy for years!


His name? Jason M James. Jason doesn’t talk much about what he’s done, he talks about what he can do to help others! He caters to those who would like a legitimate Internet marketing opportunity, and that’s a real switch in an age of “look what I did” and “look what I’ve got!”

What did I do next? Yup! You guessed it! I Googled the guy, bigtime!

What did I find? I didn’t find a lot, so I dug deeper and found out that he had made a fortune, quietly, in Internet marketing! Jason James was, and is, the real deal!

Next, I downloaded his eBook: “Giveaway Riches,” and read it in one sitting.


I read it again.

After getting through “Giveaway Riches” almost three times, front to back, and filling up an entire binder with notes, I knew I would not only purchase his product but I would promote it as well.

Funny thing? Without knowing or even caring about affiliate status, as it rated to his product, I got on and began to “Tweet!”


If someone told me that at the age of 53, a husband of more than a quarter of a century, a father of four children, and a grandfather of two (pretty soon, anyway!), I would be talking about “Twittering” and “Tweeting,” I would have suggested a few really fine hospitals in the Cleveland area!

In fact, while playing “They’re coming to take you away!” I would have driven you to one myself!

You can have a listen above, those of you who weren’t born when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth!

And then I wold suggest you click on the link, I hope I installed it right, and do some reading of your own! take a test drive, kick the tire, and all thos other useless cliches!

In the end?

Give it 60 days of all out effort, not “we’ll see” 4 hours a week effort, real 8-12 hours a day effort! I will do the same! When the 60 days are over, we can dock our boats at the same marina, next to our custom-built houses, and across the street from the extra garage we’ll build together to house our car collection and home gym! OK?

It’s all up to you!

I told someone not to long ago that I had three bulging 3″ binders, from Staples. The binders are full of offers and ecourses and earticles and ebooks! I would love to be able to get rid of the whole shootin’ match. So would my wife! Get rid of the binders, that is, not me!

Well, maybe me……..

See You in the Cheap Seats! Let’s get at it! Live each day as if it’s your last.

John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
Skype: johnzajaros1
Call me anytime! 24/7, I mean it!

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