Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Internet Marketing: The view from the cheap seats or Will I ever find the right Internet marketing opportunity?

I am certain just about every person reading this has asked themselves the question: Will I ever find a legitimate Internet business, a real, no-nonsense Internet marketing opportunity, that is right for me? I know I have asked that question six different ways to Sunday, and then some! I have to tell you, I almost threw in the towel more than once. Heck, more than a few dozen times! But I knew one thing from my years in sales, and everything is sales in one way or another, isn’t it? And that was that every no, and every failed attempt, brought me closer to a successful outcome, a yes! Had I known just how many more failed attempts it would take, I probably would have adjusted my seat fuzzy Columbus Crew seat cushion and made myself right at home in the cheap seats. You know, the ones they call the nose-bleed seats because they are so far away from the action! After all, it’s easier, and certainly less painful, to sit it out and blame the loss on the bullpen than to step up to the plate and risk another strikeout! You all know the story of Babe Ruth, don’t you? Google his strike out numbers the year he set the home-run record, a record that stood for decades until some guy named Hank broke even that seemingly “unbreakable” record. Knowing all that, and being the eternal optimist, I stepped up, took just one more at bat, and just what? Yup! You are reading part of the result of that last at bat. I am still rounding the bases (where’s Meatloaf when you need him?) but it looks like I can stretch this one into an in the park home-run! How about that?! And how about that for a sports analogy or three? And a rock & roll mention to boot, even if it was a song about paradise and the Dashboard Lights! 

The moral of all of this? Well, I guess there are a few lessons in all of this, and you are too smart for me to insult your intelligence by listing them here. I will say this, though, Napoleon Hill was right! You know, the guy who chased the likes of Andrew Carnegie around for what must have seemed like an eternity in order to find out the “secret” to his success, Carnegie’s and a few other rich guys of his day, including some guy named Rockefeller. John, not Nelson! Yes, I am being a bit flippant and probably a bit too cutesy, but you get the idea…I hope.

What Hill did and wrote about has stood the test of time. He and the other “gurus,” gosh I hate that word, of the pre-Internet era have laid down a body of work that is as applicable and useful today as it was fifty, sixty, seventy, even eighty years ago. And what was 80 years ago this October? You got it! Times haven’t changed that much at all, have they? Imagine that? Guys like Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, and that other Carnegie fellow, Dale, put together a body of work that, between the three of them, has endured as a template for living that anyone can put into practice today and make a success of their lives, in anyone’s book, even theirs! 

As for Internet marketing strategies and Internet businesses, there are really too many for anyone to mention. However, over the next few weeks we will explore many of them and attempt to put a face to as many as we can, to even discussing the leading figures in their respective niches. Perhaps we will even attempt to get a few of them to do a bit of Vlogging with us? Fuel for thought, anyway!

So, as we progress on our journey together we will explore opportunities like The Arbitrage Conspiracy and the Arbitrage Blueprint, sounds like a Robert Ludlum novel, The Listbuilding Club and the Perpetual Money Machine, The Business in a Box, Profitmatic, GDI, MLMLeadSystemPro, Magnetic Sponsoring, CarbonCopyPro, GetAltitude, Leader’s Club, Success University, ListJoe, Affiliatize, Xango, Vemmabuilder, social networking, viral networking, affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, SEO, AWeber, Ninjaresponder, ConstantContact, email marketing, free classifieds, AdWords, AdSense, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Xanga, yelp, WordPress vs joomla, blogging, website design and building, GoGaddy, HostGator, Startlogic, MySite, web hosting, free websites, free blogging, and much more! I told you I’ve been busy, and that just scratches the surface! We will discuss the good, the bad, the ugly, the gorgeous (figuratively speaking), and the just plan ridiculous!

While discussing the above mentioned Internet marketing businesses, and their proponents and critics, we will of course seek to discuss, at length when appropriate and time permitting, your comments, concerns, and suggestions. Please, feel free, that’s what this is for. I have no intention od monopolizing the discussion if the flow seems to be carrying us in another, fruitful direction.

Until next time, thanks for tuning in!

John Zajaros


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