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Eben Pagan, Tony Robbins & Napoleon Hill: Internet Marketing at Altitude!

Before I continue with this post, and all future posts, I want to make one point as forcefully as I am able to.

Here goes!

The reason I’m making this point here and now is because I don’t want any misunderstandings about the nature of this blog, and it is a blog! This blog is the outgrowth of a search I conducted, a search I’ve often referred to it as my Quest!

The Quest!

The Quest is my own personal journey of discovery, growth, and salvation. The journey continues to lead me in myriad directions and, quite often, smack dab into more than my fair share of dead ends!

It’s interesting how life works out. Life is a process, a journey with only one, ultimate conclusion. While there are many routes one can choose on the way to whatever life has to offer, the “ultimate” end is always the same. Some suggest and others vehemently deny, that after this life there is a Heaven and a Hell. Others disagree!

I’ve come to an understanding concerning Heaven and Hell and I’ll share a few of those conclusions with you now.

Heaven and Hell exist here on Earth!

How many times have you heard someone say:

“This is Hell on Earth!” or “This must be Hell because things just can’t get any worse!”

And then what? YUP! They get worse, much worse!

So, over the past few months I’ve been clicking, reading, posting, blogging, downloading, uploading, scanning, printing, Googling, copying, monetizing, affiliatizing, advertising, demystifying, mesmerizing, socializing, philosophizing, viralizing, attractioning, proposing, jv-ing, twit-a-phizing, legitimizing, and, above all study-izing.

Then what? Well, then I did it all again!

And when did I do all of that? Well, that was all accomplished by 10:00am EST Monday, on a slow week!

Do you think I’m think kidding?

Nope! I’m just this side of dead serious! You see, I decided to attack Internet marketing with the same level of zeal and energy I used to study for my doctorate! The truth? I have never need so overwhelmed with the shear level of information out there.

The challenge?

To separate the legitimate Internet marketing opportunities from the rest. The rest being the scams, the rip-offs, the garbage, and those that simply don’t measure up…for whatever the reason.

I now have a table in my office piled 2′ high and 3′ by 5′, several 3 inch binders from Staples filled to capacity, a desk buckling under the shear weight of materials, and a hard drive full of pdfs, texts, docs, and a partridge and a pear tree!

During my travels through Internet Marketing Land, I discovered a few amazing products and a small number of truly remarkable individuals!

The first individual is one I met 33 years ago, his name is Napoleon Hill! Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich has stood the test of time, as useful today as it was when originally written, in 1937! No, I didn’t actually meet him but I have read everything he’s written. So, I feel like I know him!

The second individual is Tony Robbins. Tony is an absolute genius in the fields of motivation, achievement, and performance enhancement! I learned of his special gift 30 years ago when he broke on to the national scene with a series of personal development tapes called, “Personal Power.” Remarkably, I still own them!

I wrote Tony in September of 2008, telling him a little about myself and the challenges I’ve faced over the past few years, I was touched by the compassion and empathy in the response I received from one of Tony’s associates, Anthony Garcia, and, ultimately, from Tony himself. I am attending “Unleash the Power Within,” March 12-15, 2009, in NYC. A year ago I wasn’t sure how much longer I had on the planet, and now look!

See the widget on the sidebar for information about NYC, March12-15! I can’t imagine a better place to be that long weekend in march of 2009!

The third individual is Eben Pagan, of! Until 8 weeks ago I’d never heard of Eben Pagan. The thing about this soft-spoken, Internet marketing genius, the trait immediately recognizable is a quiet-intensity, a self-confidence that only comes from “walking the walk!” Eben Pagan has helped clients all over the world achieve success in their chosen fields or niches. I’ve spent the past 8 weeks, 3-4 hours a day, studying this man’s available body of work. Eben Pagan’s work is educational, inspirational, and motivational. At a time when he could simply kick back and relax, he has chosen to help other entrepreneurs reach their potential! Eben Pagan is an example of what is right with Internet marketing today.

If you would like to receive more information about any of these remarkable individuals, including how to get a free newsletter or periodic updates about upcoming events, just click one of the links, either below or on the sidebar.

Note: This blog represents my personal opinions and not those of Tony Robbins or Eben Pagan. I have tried to give you an accurate and honest representation of the three great men…more will follow tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we will discuss in greater depth the contributions or Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, and Eben Pagan, along with those of Brian Tracey. Brian Tracey is also holding seminars in the US this spring (March-May). Brian, like Eben and Tony, is a world-class motivational speaker and theorist.

I look forward to seeing all of you here tomorrow!

Don’t forget! I’ll See You in the Cheap Seats!

Check out Eben Pagan’s, Get Altitude Seminar Series. Learn from the best, you won’t be disappointed!

John Zajaros
Skype: johnzajaros1

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