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The Quest Continues: Internet Marketing, The Young Turks, and Listbuilding

The Young Turks: Masters of Internet Marketing & The Leaders of Listbuilding

Last time I mentioned four individuals and referred to them as The Young Turks. In the best of all worlds, I would expect everyone to understand what I meant by such a label. However, I found out a long time ago that the best of all worlds isn’t the same world for everyone. So, for those who do not know what I had in mind, for those who missed the telewebiseminar yesterday, the “Biff & Buff Dynamic Hypnotic Mindcontrol/Thought-Reader Newbie-to-Swami Telewebisemi-Googlio-Podcast VideoBlog YouTube VlogMaster 2 Day 3 Hour Semi-Live Event,” here goes:


The Young Turks are, in my humble opinion, the most visible and, at this moment in time, and in this dimension for all you new-agers out there, some of the most successful of the Internet marketers in their respective fields of expertise. Does this mean that they are it, these four men? Does it mean that there aren’t others, equally successful and just as knowledgeable?


If I mention a few other first names, many of you will instantly recognize them as being at or very near the top of their game.

Heck! I may even throw in a few last initials, just to give you a hint! How’s that?

Here are a few:

Alex M.
Joel C.
Frank K.
Ken M.
Dave K.
Dan K.
Bill G.
Tom H.
Perry B.
Jonathan B.

…the individual I left out of “The Young Turks” but who really should be in there:


Are there other heavy hitters? YUP, you betcha!

Yanik S, Mike F, Gary and Keith, Sean G, Eric R.! Wow! I could, quite literally, go on for days!

You get the idea…I hope!

Are there more, certainly, I think I’ve made that pretty clear.

Are there some I left out intentionally?

You betcha!

During my relatively short time on The Quest, I’ve come across some amazing, even inspiring Internet marketers. I have studied Marshall, Smith, and others on Google AdWords and AdSense; Tellman, Terry, and others on Listbuilding until I hear “The money’s in the list!” in my sleep. If I wanted to I could continue on naming experts through Web 2.0 and viral marketing, social networking, integration marketing, and attraction marketing. Then, on to article and ebook marketing with Mandossian. We could walk through email marketing and autoresponders, examining AWeber and NinjaResponder, Constant Contact, Vertical Response and Lyris. We could discuss the recent launch of Webprosperity and how it may affect the aforementioned email/customer contact companies. And so on….

The idea?

So what is the idea? No, it’s not like “The Secret.” The idea, or rather the observation, the conclusion even, is that no single individual can possibly know everything about a field of endeavor as diverse and as new, relatively speaking, as Internet marketing.

You heard me…no one!

An example:

Imagine visiting your family doctor for a routine, annual physical. You’ve come in for your results after getting a phone call from the doctor himself, something that never happens, and being sent to the hospital for a “routine” series of x-rays. You have a million and one things to do this afternoon. What could possibly be taking the doc so long?

Finally, in walks the doctor, you shake hands and he fails to make eye contact. Warning bells start to ring, sirens start to wail, a wolf howls in the distance….

No? I kinda liked the wolf thing!


Ring? Heck, between the bells, the whistles, and the sirens, the cacophony in your head is so loud you can barley hear him speak. His lips are moving, otherwise you probably wouldn’t even know he was talking to you. Then, it all goes silent, he tells you that you have to have brain surgery immediately or you’re never going to make it through the night.

The first reaction?

Immediate and involuntary. They’ll get that later!

After you’ve settled down a bit, maybe even cleaned up the mess, he asks if you have any questions.

What would be your first question?

There would probably be a million racing to be number one in my head!

I know what mine would be! Who is the best specialist in the field?

Sure, I might think the world of my GP, my family doctor, but am I going to allow him or her to cut into my skull? Not on a really good day! While my GP may have discovered the problem and may even have a real good idea what has to be done, even what I am going to go through, he certainly isn’t going to have the expertise or the skill to pull this one off!

The nice thing about the medical profession? Most doctors know this! Doctors understand the value of specialized education and training to enhance skills needed under a certain and a very specific set of circumstances. An individual claiming to have all the answers, to know the best strategies for each and every approach, would be someone I would steer clear of! That would be like a surgeon assuring us that he can act as anesthesiologist, scrub nurse, surgical technician, and surgeon…all in one!

Oh yeah! And he wants to be paid as if he were all of these at once!

The funny thing? Or the not-so-funny thing if you think about it! This is precisely what happens in Internet marketing and we swallow it hook, line, and sinker. The generalist claims to be both generalist and specialist in one. How many times have you heard this: “Sign up, sign in, and we’ll do the rest.” Or, sign up for our program and we’ll do all the work for you. Just sit back and collect the money!” And the best one? “Our program allows you to set up and start making money in your sleep, often within 24 hours!”

We would never allow just anyone into our heads, not just if our lives depend on it but ever! We would want the very best we could find. Spare no expense. Just save my life!

Yet there are individuals, often the self-styled guru who claims to have all the answers, who attempt to convince us that they have the magic pill, the magic bullet. Like the Pied Piper, just follow him or her to riches…all will be made clear! And don’t forget, “you too can have the secrets to the burning bush, the location of the Holy Grail, and yes boys and girls, the secrets to untold wealth in the Internet marketing game! You too can quit your job, live the good life, and buy the same red Lamborghini and mansion that seemingly every self-proclaimed guru on the net is standing next to on their “landing page.”

The day of the specialist is over, I am all things to all people, the Internet marketing version of an online chameleon!

I hope we’re all a little smarter than that!

I hope!

Listbuilding is the skill most “newbies” need to develop…and in a hurry! Why? Because there aren’t a whole lot of things you can do without a list. Yes, you can do some things, and we will get in to those, but to build a long-lasting, profitable business you will need your own list.

At present Tellman Knudson is, hands down, the favorite for Internet marketing listbuilding dominance. Tellman’s ListHero, ListBuilding Club, and Perpetual Marketing Machine are just three examples of products this true Internet genius has been able to accomplish in just over three years! Having gone from, as he tells it, “The Dreaded Double Beep!” to making more than 3 million dollars annually, this most unconventional of masters has his own style and his own flavor.

Unconventional or not, there can be little doubt, Tellman is rapidly becoming one of the most recognizable people in the Internet…bar none!

Next, we will examine several of Tellman’s products.

So “Shtick around!”

See You on the Champions Platform!

John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
Skype: johnzajaros1

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