Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Ultimate Internet Marketing: The Listbuidling Club, “The money’s in the list!”

The Quest Continues: RunTellmanRun, Listbuilding, ListHero, the Listbuilding Club, and Tellman Knudson Revealed!

If you could see my dining room right now you would assume there had been a major conflict, a conflagration on the magnitude of a WWF extravaganza. The only thing missing is John Felix Anthony Cena and his massive biceps, his competition for this week yelling, screaming, and throwing chairs, and a blond bimbo named Bambi! The best I can do on short order is a laughing two year old, a barking Puggle named TuffGuy, and an overworked Internet marketer who happens to drop his pen a lot! But hey, you take what you can get…right? By this time you may be wondering to yourself, “Has this guy flipped out or is he going to get to the point of all of this…and soon!”

The money is in the List!

A funny thing happened on my way to promoting my online tutoring business! I was surfing the net some time back and stumbled upon this video website called YouTube. I started to poke around a bit and started watching a video by the guys from, that lead me to and that lead me to Wow! After watching three or four of their videos I was beginning to understand what they were talking about and what information was necessary to build a website. All of that was definitely a step in the right direction! However, one thing was still missing…how to promote a website once it is up and running.


Well, I started to surf some more and one of the videos in the section of related videos was labeled RunTellmanRun by some guy named Tellman Knudson. I started to watch everything I could with Tellman in it; and, over the next hour I was amused, entertained, and elated! I clicked on video after video and listened as he talked about the various aspects of building a list and promoting an online business. Now this was something I needed!

The Listbuilding Club

After an hour I finally clicked on a link that pointed to The link took me to another page that explained, in detail, how to set up a blog; I followed it to the letter. I had my own blog set up and running in no time, just like he said I would! This guy’s stock went right through the roof with me, and it hadn’t cost me a penny. Finally, I was directed to an order page for a free CD on how to build a list. The hippie running dude Tellman I was introduced to on YouTube was replaced by the clean shaven, almost shaved-head look Tellman on the top of the banner for the Listbuilding Club, and finally replaced once again by the hippie dude I was first introduced to! Frankly, by that time he could have been wearing pink tights and a tutu and I still would have purchased his product!

ListHero to Listbuilding to Listbuilding Club to Satisfied Customer…and that was just the beginning!

I would later discover that Tellman went from a broke hypnotist with a tiny apartment and three adult roommates, having to scrimp and save and beg for his rent four years ago, to making in excess of 3 million dollars last year! The listbuilding genius started slow but gained knowledge and momentum quickly.


Well, today Tellman is recognized as either the or one of the top experts in the Internet marketing world for listbuilding. I would argue that Tellman and his mentor, Shawn Casey, represent two of the brightest minds in the world of Internet marketing today! I don’t think it’s too much of a leap to make that sort of a statement, and it certainly isn’t anything like hero worship. Although it might be ListHero worship. Ha!

A little listbuilding humor there!

Significantly, Tellman’s is as amazing a product as the Listbuilding Club is, in its own right. Any way you look at it, the products Tellman Knudson has developed in his short tenure at the top of the Internet marketing world represent an impressive legacy, one that will undoubtedly endure for years to come.

“the dreaded double beep”

A final note!

Tellman sent out an email on New Year’s Eve that really struck home with me, it was called the dreaded double beep. The dreaded double beep is the story of how Tellman, at the end of his rope and finishing his lunch at his favorite diner, was denied a $8.39 charge for lunch on his debit card! Humiliated, he had to write out an IOU for his lunch in front of the people he saw day in and day out, the people who knew him!


This was a guy I could relate to, having been through almost the same sort of humiliation, the same struggles. It’s difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t been there exactly what that sort of humiliation costs, in terms of sapping the self-esteem and self-worth right out of you. To his credit, here’s a guy who not only didn’t let it beat him down, he beat it back into total submission. Tellman Knudson is a true American success story, in every sense of the word…


NOTE: Are there other listbuilding programs out there? Certainly! Are they as good? Well, I have reviewed fifteen different programs from Mike G’s list building program to and not one is as thorough or as easy to apply as Tellman’s. Not one! In fairness to, the approach they use is entirely different and caters to a different sort of Internet marketer. Many of the biggest names in the online world use, with good reason! That said, if I could only purchase one system and bet my Internet marketing future on it…it would be Tellman Knudson’s Listbuilding Club!

Just one more thing!

For those of you who believe you may be a bit beyond the Listbuilding Club, although I can’t imagine anyone ever having too much of a good thing like that, you should take a serious look at Tellman’s Perpertual Marketing Machine and the 13th Module.

Simply amazing!

Let’s do launch!

John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
Skype: johnzajaros1

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