Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

SEO: Search Engine Optimization: An Open Letter to an Expert, Brad Callen

The SEO experts, their products, and an email I sent to Brad Callen

Dear Brad,

I got your email! I am an affiliate of Jason James too. He is an a very smart man, very much the expert on how to promote with giveaways! I “sat in” on one of his webinars just prior to the launch of Giveaway Riches. The product is incredible, I can’t see anyone not benefiting from it immediately if they simply apply his lessons! I was more impressed with him, his manner and his intellect. You are right! Jason James is definitley one of the bright spots in Internet marketing!

You know, and please don’t take this the wrong way, when I first started my “Quest,” began to sign up for anyone and everyone’s programs like so many others do, yours was one of the first products I signed up for…and canceled!


I didn’t understand it, it was way over my head at the time. I needed a “first do A…then do B….then do C…kind of program. What Frank Kern refers to as “dumbed down.” Hey! I can take it. I knew less than nothing back then. Unfortunately SEO, and all it deals with, is a bit more than what I could understand as a “newbie,” way more than that!

In fact, I listened to Frank Kern talk to Mike Koenig from Traffic Geyser not too long ago about how SEO was way too out there for him to completely “get.” well, when I heard that I didn’t feel quite as bad! Of course we all know Frank was probably just being modest! Frank Kern is an absolutely brilliant marketer, his Mass Control Sales Letter should be taught to students seeking Ph.D.s in marketing.

The letter is worth all of 5 million dollars, no question about it. Genius!

Just a suggestion but if you could develop a program that walked someone through from A to Z, step by step and one thing at a time, like Tellman Knudson and Shawn and Scott Casey do with their respective products, the Listbuilding Club and Easy Profit Strategies (see yesterday’s article on ListBuilding, etc.), I would be willing to bet that people would stampede a path to your door. I know I would! From what experts like Mark Joyner, Mike Filsaime, and Fran Kern have to say about your work, you are already at the top of your game within the Internet marketing community, hands down!

SEO really seems to be making more of a move into the consciousness of marketers, novice and veteran.

I think it’s a bit of the chicken and the egg syndrome: the money is supposedly in the list but how do you get the list if you don’t drive traffic to your website? I know it’s much more complicated than that, but ultimately, we all must have traffic! With Jeff Johnsons’s Underground Training Lab ( a super, all encompassing program like yours), Traffic Geyser (super for video submission), SEO Networker Mastermind Group (presently sold out…Fernando Ceballos and Raymond Fong), and your Directory Submitter, Article Submitter, SEO Elite, Keyword Elite, and other products, you are definitely on everyone’s tongue for providing some of the the best offerings in SEO!

The fact that you guarantee 1,745 quality, 1 way links in 2 hours flat is nothing short of incredible!

Finally, I want to say hello and thank you, in advance, for the free copy of the SEO Mindset! I can’t wait to see it! Making it available to anyone at no cost is an amazing offer! And, from what I understand, SEO Mindset is exactly what I was referring to earlier when I said we needed a program that would take anyone who acquires it by the hand and walk them through SEO. Way to go, Brad! I can’t wait!


Take care and good luck,

John Zajaros
Skype: johnzajaros1

NOTE: While edited a bit, this is the email I sent to Brad Cullen regarding SEO and his products. If you have any doubt about the quality of his products…or those of Jeff Johnson and his Underground Training Lab or, for that matter, Mike Koenigs’ Traffic Geyser just click on the links and see for yourself. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the quantity and the quality of the offerings…of all of these SEO oriented programs.

IMPORTANT! I will never, and I mean NEVER refer someone to a website for a marketing program or strategy just because of affiliate status. In fact, I will NEVER positively review and/or recommend a program I don’t have complete confidence in. Period! Furthermore, I will NEVER refer someone to a program I have not thoroughly examined, crawled through their website, read their blog and sales material, and intend to or have purchased myself. NEVER!

GUARANTEE: Unlike some websites and blogs, reviewing and recommending the most inane offers (like surveys that pay thousands!), the programs recommended here are ones I would, have or am in the process of purchasing myself. On this you have my total commitment! If anyone ever purchases a program as the result of one of my reviews and that program doesn’t do everything I have stated it will do:


*All you have to do is produce the necessary documentation including the following: dates you visited this blog, the date of purchase (you must show that you applied for a refund from the host program within 30 days of purchase), how much you spent, if you have already recovered your funds from the host program, and anything else you deem relevant. Once we establish the facts, we will send you a refund, out of our own pocket, for any money not refunded by the host program…AT ONCE! How can I make such a guarantee? Because I have recommended many of these programs to friends and family, prior to becoming an affiliate (and I am NOT an affiliate for every program I review!), and they are doing quite well with them.

Thanks again and remember…

I stand behind every product I review, 100%!

John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.

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