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Some Internet Marketing Opportunity Observations: The Quest Continues, Listbuilding & SEO

Internet Marketing Opportunities: Help for “Newbies,” Listbuilding II, SEO Update, & Web 2.0 or Social Networking

If you remember, in the previous post we were primarily focused on Jason James’ excellent Giveaway Riches Program, still an absolute must for anyone wishing to build an awesome list in record time, Brad Callen’s SEO programs and their efficacy, particularly his Directory Submitter and Article Submitter programs but also his amazing SEOElite program, and TrafficGeyser’s video submission program. We also covered Frank Kern’s Million Dollar Sales Letter in depth, how it is a piece of art in an Internet marketing jungle of copywritten garbage…although I don’t think I put it quite that way at the time!

Well, time goes by and some things change…others stay the same.

So, on the subject of building traffic, “driving” traffic, SEO or search engine optimization, article and video submission, and the whole sha-bang I have really done my research since our last encounter. I’ve spent, quite literally, 18 to 36 hour days…for days on end! Ask my neighbors…or my wife! The lights never go out in John’s office…never!

Here’s what I’ve found:

Brad Callen

As stated, Brad Callen’s programs are top-shelf. You simply can’t go wrong if you invest in any of them. The Directory Submitter and Article Submitter accomplish for you in a matter of a few clicks what may take you hours accomplish, if you can do it at all. The SEOElite program is just what its name implies, it is in a class by itself…ELITE! Brad’s crowning achievement, in my humble opinion, is his book The SEO Mindset, a real live book that comes right to your home via the USPS or UPS…depending on where you live, sticks or the burbs. Great stuff! There are a lot of SEO firms and “gurus” out there but Brad is the real deal.


What can I say? While the application, for a total beginner or “newbie” (like “guru,” I hate that word), is somewhat more difficult than initially thought to be, the TrafficGeyser delivers exactly what the name implies, a geyser of traffic! After a couple of days wrestling with it and getting everything up and running, including my first PowerPoint presentation, I am now on Page 1 with Google! The amazing thing? I still am not completely up to speed with this system, and probably won’t be for a little while yet. In spite of that, and after a somewhat rocky beginning, I am on page one for not one but several combinations of keywords. Amazing! Traffic Geyser does what Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and many others claim, it delivers!

Tellman’s Easy Traffic Steps: Easy Traffic System or ETS

The one thing I can say for every one of Tellman’s programs, and I have several of them, they work! Whether it’s his Listbuilding Club, his Social Media program (with Shawn Casey), his Perpetual Marketing Machine and the 13th Module (shear genius!), or his Easy Traffic Strategies (ETS), Tellman Knudson delivers the goods, pure and simple. And I am not just saying “pure and simple” for effect, his stuff* is straight-forward, easy to follow and implement. I have never had a problem with a product with Tellman’s name on it! Never!

Jeff Johnson’s Underground Training Labs

What did Mel Gibson say after reading General Cornwallis’s diary in The Patriot? Oh yeah! “I have just been in the mind of a genius!” Well, I must admit, I too have been in the mind of a genius! Once you “visit” with SEO Giant Jeff Johnson, by visiting his blog anyway, you come away realizing how very little you know and how much it pays to have someone like Jeff Johnson in your corner. Jeff Johnson has the ability to take a complex subject like search engine optimization and reduce it down so the rest of us “mere mortals” can understand and apply it. Jeff Johnson offers several SEO and traffic building features and programs free to those who register for his newsletter. A trip to The Underground Training Labs of Jeff Johnson is a must for anyone who plans to take their business to the next level. Jeff Johnson’s blog is a must see for anyone serious about Internet marketing.

Listbuilding II and the Novice

First and foremost, if you are just starting in this business I can recommend only two places to begin. Why two? Well three, really! Because out of the hundreds of programs I have reviewed, yes hundreds, there are only two (three!) that start at the beginning and walk you through the entire process, beginning to end, “like I’m a 4 year old!” Doubt it’s hundred? Email me and I will make a video just for you showing the binders I have full of programs, and mailings for programs, from everyone Tom, Dick, and Mary in Internet marketing…or it seems that way, anyway!

#1 for “Newbies”

First, you guessed it, Tellman Knudson’s! The Listbuilding Club is a list building program but it is much more than that, it is an entire system for getting online quickly and efficiently. The program begins with Tellman’s Quckstart Program, a handful of steps that will have you online for profit in as little as a few minutes from the time you purchase the domain name and set up your web hosting account. Once you are up and running, the LBC will walk you through the entire process, helping you build your business in clear, concise, and easy to follow steps. You cannot go wrong with the Tellman’s Listbuilding Club! Once established in business and ready for a dynamic and exciting next step, Tellman offers the Perpetual Marketing Machine…a singular work of art promising to drive traffic to your lists and money into you bank account. Between the Listbuilding Club and the Perpetual Marketing Machine with its 13th Module, you have your very own Acre of Diamonds, and enough information and support to build a complete Internet business. I know, I use it myself!

Number two? Well, number two is actually numbers two and three. So, two is the Easy Profit Strategies program or EPS, presented by Shawn and Scott Casey. Easy Profit Strategies is a Listbuilding Club-esque program, taking a novice from enrollment, through deciding what sort of business to develop, and then walking them through the entire online business building process until the student has a well established, web business in place. The EPS program, including email and teleseminar support, is absolutely cutting edge in its approach and delivery, complete with assistance setting up membership in various social media sites and blogs as additional traffic building strategies. You cannot go wrong with this program!

Next, number three, is the Business in a Box and is considered by many to be Shawn Casey’s flagship product and, as such, is top shelf! The Business in a Box is simply that, everything you will need to build a going online business quickly, and properly. Shawn Casey leaves nothing out, this program is complete. You can go as fast or as slow as you want and, if it isn’t part of the package, Shawn offers suggestions as to what programs and products best support your online business building endeavor. And, the best thing about this awesome product? It’s free! That’s right, free! Check it out…..

Web 2.0 or Social Networking

The whole social media phenomenon has many experts scratching their heads! After all, who would have ever guessed that a mini-blog website named, of all things, would catch on and virtually dominate a huge part of the online social networking world? Or who would have bet that a billion videos would be viewed on something called YouTube by early 2009? Social media has become an integral part of every Internet marketing strategy now, and into the foreseeable future. Between Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and several dozen more of all kinds, there doesn’t seem to be an end to Web 2.0 or social networking in sight…and the products to take advantage of this emerging phenomenon are being pushed out as fast as Internet marketers can create them. More on this next time!

The Herd Effect: Acres of Diamonds and (March 18, 2009)

In a little over two weeks will be unveiled to the world! Why? What is the significance? To what end? Well, I will tell you this, I will not be unveiling a new product and you won’t be deluged with email from everyone under the sun. As a matter of fact, may tick a few people off…in a big way. It will also make a few people quite happy! No, this won’t be about some masked guy with ace bandages and sun glasses. And no, it won’t be someone taking the name of one of history’s most feared terrorists, at least of his day, claiming to be all p.o’d and gonna rock the world. But first send me a buck, just t show me you’re sincere! Talk about silliness! And we’re adults and business people? No, this will be about an Acre of Diamonds right in your own backyard…and history repeating itself, or not. Remember the story of the Acres of Diamonds? Google it! If that doesn’t make you think…quit today! Save yourself a whole bucket full of money!

Finally, has anyone else been the least bit provoked (i.e., disgusted) by what has been going on in this business for the last little while? Well, I gotta tell you, as someone relatively new to Internet marketing but certainly not knew to sales, marketing, and business in general, I am more than a bit sickened by what I see happening daily in this arena. And I use arena because all of it reminds me of a three-ring circus! Is this really what it takes to get a commitment? Is this what it takes to gain someone’s confidence? Wow, I hope not!

I guess we’ll see….

Well, I am not going to get into a Dennis Miller-styled rant but I am saying that, as of March 18, 2009, there may be some ranting and raving in the Emerald City…or the Acre of Diamonds in your backyard! More to follow!

NOTE: As stated previously, if I review a product, if I offer the link here on this blog, I am staking my reputation on it! If it is here and I say it is good, that it will work if applied properly, consistently, and ethically…it will make money and you can serve your clients with dignity and without hiding behind support and a no email, no phone call policy. Additionally, if it is here, I have spent hours going over every aspect of the program and can find no fault with it. Optimally, and this is the case with every product reviewed thus far, I have used the products and find them to be awesome. In every instance to date, the programs reviewed and recommended are ones I would suggest to my kids and friends, and have!

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Have a great week and remember:

The (March 18, 2009)

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