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Internet Marketing At Its Best: A Fantastic New Program To Help You Develop As Many Mini-Sites As You Would Like!

I Purchased Joel Peterson’s Mini-Site Course To Review It Here & It Is So Good I Am Already Setting Them Up!

Imagine owning hundreds, maybe a thousand money making websites, every one of them earning money 24.7. Internet marketing being what it is, can you imagine someone giving you your very own money-making website, for free? Well, this guy is! Joel Peterson has what he calls “an army of money-making websites” and he is giving one away to every person who purchases his program today, and for as long as they last. You have probably never heard of Joel but this is a guy who has been working quietly and behind the scenes, making as much as $253,741.99 in a single month. Now, I want to make this very clear, he doesn’t make a quarter of a million dollars every month (how many months like that do you need?), on an average month, he makes $75,000 to $125,000.

Too bad, huh? Isn’t that a pay scale you would like to be in on?

Life wasn’t always like this for Joel. In fact, he started out, like many of us, struggling just to make ends meet, barely keeping his head above water. Joel was flat broke just five years ago, he had been laid off three times in a single year, and couldn’t even get a job! Over $50,000 in credit card debt and unemployed, Joel had to file for bankruptcy. His back was truly against the wall. With a wife and five kids, he had to do something…and that’s when he turned to Internet marketing. Failure was simply not an option for Joel, his family was depending on him. So, he started researching different ways to make money on the internet, failing miserably time and again!

Finally, he had had it!

Totally fed up, Joel had to find a way to make money, and he had to do it fast….As Joel put it himself, “I couldn’t afford to fail and I couldn’t afford to wait. I need to find a way to make money online… and make it fast.” Well, that same night he sat down with a yellow note pad and mapped out what he now calls:

“The Mini-Site Formula!”

Joel’s Mini-Site Formula is very different from any other internet marketing, money-making system for several reasons.

1) You can get started even if you don’t have much cash.
2) You don’t have to pay for any advertising.
3) You don’t have to constantly “baby-sit” your mini-sites.
a) The mini-sites make money 24/7. (it doesn’t matter where you are, home or on vacation)
4) There are no customers to deal with and no products to ship.
5) You don’t have to worry about Google, Yahoo or MSN adjusting their ranking criteria because you’ll
still be making money!
6) You can be a complete novice, you don’t have to be technically savvy or some sort of Internet marketing “guru.” I hate that word!
7) There are easy, step-by-step instructions. And, if you follow them, you will get to the point very quickly, where you are setting one of the mini-sites up in 30 minutes or so. All you have to do is follow Joel’s formula.

I’ll Let Joel Tell You About It I His Own Words:

“I know what you’re thinking. You’ve heard it all before. You’ve been burned in the past. And you’re skeptical. You’re probably wondering what makes the Mini-Site Formula so different from anything else out there. That’s why I’m offering to…Give You One Of My Established, Up-and-Running, Money-Making Websites Just To Prove My System Works! Now at this point you’ve got to wondering about me. You’ve got to be wondering why anyone would give away a money-making website. Well, I do have something to confess. You see, none of my money-making websites earn $1,000 or more per day. In fact, not a single one of my websites makes even $100 a day. Heck, most of my profitable mini-sites don’t even earn $10 bucks a day. Believe it or not, the average profit from one of my mini-sites is…Just $3 A Day! You see when most people try to make money on the internet, they go for the home-run. They try to make one single website earn $100 or $1,000 dollars a day. I’ve been down that road and it’s darn near impossible to make it work. So instead of swinging for the fences…I Just Bunt! I don’t even try to launch a website capable of earning thousands of dollars a day. All I want is a website that earns a consistent $3 a day. Best of all, I’ve created a system that allows me to launch one of these money-making “mini-sites” in just…30 Minutes! Now think about this for a minute: $3 a day certainly doesn’t sound like much, but because it only takes about 30 minutes to set up these mini-sites, the profit potential really starts to add up.”


Yes! Even more so when you consider the fact that he has done it on $3 per day per site…times hundreds of mini-sites!

So remember, I will never review or recommend a program I am not 100% behind myself, NEVER! This is a good one folks, an amazing one! And once you “meet” Joel you’ll understand how and why this man is so believable, his system so easy to follow…and so legitimate!

The problem?

The only problem is getting your head around the fact that hundreds of mini-sites, all working in tandem, will make you financially comfortable in a relatively short period of time…if you follow his formula! Don’t purchase his course if you aren’t going to spend the time to set up the mini-sites because you are wasting your money and your time. But if you are sincere about making money on the Internet you can do one of two things:

1) You can purchase Tellman Knudson’s Listbuilding Club and follow his step by step program to success….


2) You can become a mini-site owner and flourish…$3 at a time!

Either way, you will become successful…just decide which way you would like to proceed and click the link you desire above. If you purchase their systems, either one, and if you apply what they teach, you will be successful. On the other hand, if you purchase either system, thinking the grass is somehow greener and everything will happen by diffusion, DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! Don’t believe in get rich quick and don’t believe that you are going to get something for nothing…there is ALWAYS a cost. pay it and prosper!

As always, I wish you all the best and hope that this information has been useful. I will continue to evaluate and review programs I think have real value. If I find they don’t, I will let you know that, too.

John P. J. Zajaros, Sr.
Skype: johnzajaros1

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