Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

A T-Shirt Collection Tells the Story of How to Build a Business in a Recession: Marketing at its Best!


Welcome To The Ultimate Internet Marketing (dot info) Blog! This is also being added to The Ultimate Soccer Training Blog, The Internet Marketing Quest Revealed Blog, and The Ultimate Football Training Blog! You get the idea I like the word “Ultimate?” I like the “results” Ultimate!

This Is How I Built A Successful Athletic Training Business In A Recession! No, the one in the early 80s. You Can Too! Or, any other kind of business you are passionate about. Passionate about! That’s the key! If it’s all about money? Walk away right now because you are destined to fail or be miserable in the pursuit. Find something that excites you, gets your juices flowing, makes you want to get out of bed in the morning…then help others achieve their goals!

Do that? And the keys to the kingdom will be yours! Chase the buck? And you will spend more than you make and ultimately (there’s that word again) be miserable when you could have been happy and prosperous!

Up to you!

I hope you will watch this in its entirety, it’s about 7 minutes, but it will be worth it! This will not only tell you how I built an awesome sport-specific strength and fitness training company but how I did it in a recession. It will also give you a look into the success of the business, and why it’s successful!

YouTube is a bit sloppy today, so the quality isn’t the best, and I am sorry about that, we are working to improve that! But, I think the content will make up for it! I have it on good authority that I’m getting a Flip MinoHD for my birthday, otherwise I would click the link on the sidepanel (over at ) & order one from Amazon today! I get all my books, electronics, training videos, & camera stuff from Amazon…can’t beat the prices or the content!

Oh yeah!

Make sure you sign up for the drawing & newsletter subscription. The prizes have just been increased to include:

1) A Laptop
2) 3 top of the line books
3) An awesome Internet marketing program
4) A Dell 22″ Flat Panel Monitor
5) Custom Designed US “Ultimate” NikeIDs! Just in time for the World Cup & The Olympics!

Someone is going to be very happy at the end of April! So enter today!

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