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Lee Milteer’s Untamed Success: Intuition & Prosperity Part 1

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From: Lee Milteer’s Untamed Success Newsletter Intuition and Prosperity Part 1 June 1, 2010 Greetings John, I just spent four days on a short sabbatical from work and taking care of others. I spent my time resting, meditating, reading spiritual books, and journaling. I needed a break from outside influences to recharge and re-center myself. […]

Lee Milteer’s “Forgive for Prosperity”

Greetings John, As we discussed last week, we’re doing a series on creating prosperity in your life. My sincere desire is to share with you strategies to empower you and help you to gain the confidence that comes from understanding how manifesting works; to give you the tools to create whatever you want; to take […]