Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Domain Names, Keyword Loading, and Getting FREE Traffic to your Website or Blog

Another day of The Internet Marketing Quest Revealed: The Nuts and Bolts Begin! Don’t forget the drawing & the newsletter! 1) Laptop 2) 3 Super Books! 3) An awesome IM program 4) A 22″ Flat Panel Monitor (top of the line) Professor John P. J. Zajaros, Sr. 216-712-6526 Skype: johnzajaros1

A T-Shirt Collection Tells the Story of How to Build a Business in a Recession: Marketing at its Best!

Hello! Welcome To The Ultimate Internet Marketing (dot info) Blog! This is also being added to The Ultimate Soccer Training Blog, The Internet Marketing Quest Revealed Blog, and The Ultimate Football Training Blog! You get the idea I like the word “Ultimate?” I like the “results” Ultimate! This Is How I Built A Successful Athletic […]

Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship, & A Culture of Honor!

I read this article written by AdWords Expert, Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur Perry Marshall. I was moved, so moved I asked Perry, through an intermediary, if I could post the article, in it’s entirety, here on the Ultimate Internet Marketing blog. Perry, being the gentleman that he is, has consented! So here it is! And […]

Internet Marketing At Its Best: A Fantastic New Program To Help You Develop As Many Mini-Sites As You Would Like!

I Purchased Joel Peterson’s Mini-Site Course To Review It Here & It Is So Good I Am Already Setting Them Up! Imagine owning hundreds, maybe a thousand money making websites, every one of them earning money 24.7. Internet marketing being what it is, can you imagine someone giving you your very own money-making website, for […]

Jeff Johnson’s Underground Training Labs Produce Real Results: The SEO Expert Delivers & His Students Prosper!

Go From Zero To $70,000 In 7 days: A Powerful Internet Marketing Opportunity! Two newbies, I know I hate that term but that’s what they were, total novices, and they just just went from nothing, zero, zilch to $70,000 in just 7 days! Learn how they did it… just listen to the free audio recording […]

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