Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

How to Make Money Online: Outsourcing and Freelance Writers

Outsourcing, Freelancing, and the Inability to Write Drought Conditions! In a recent article entitled The Entrepreneurial Trilogy: Tweets, Texts, and the Lost Art of Writing, I discussed a very real problem we have in this country, and across the globe, with writers…or lack thereof. Quite simply, there are too few freelance writers with the ability […]

How to Succeed Online: Positioning and Differentiation

The Internet Marketing One-Two Punch Positioning and Differentiation are the one-two punch, the two halves a single whole! Positioning – As applied to marketing, whether Internet marketing, inbound marketing, or outbound marketing, positioning is the process by which all marketers attempt to create an identity and image in the minds of their target audience or market […]