Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship, & A Culture of Honor!

I read this article written by AdWords Expert, Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur Perry Marshall. I was moved, so moved I asked Perry, through an intermediary, if I could post the article, in it’s entirety, here on the Ultimate Internet Marketing blog. Perry, being the gentleman that he is, has consented! So here it is! And […]

The Quest for Understanding, the Ultimate Internet Marketing Opportunity, and a Really Good Corned Beef Sandwich!

The Quest! The Search Continues for the Ultimate Internet Marketing Opportunity A little perspective: The View from the Cheap Seats! I was going to Zig today, had it all mapped out, but after the experiences of last night and early this morning, I decided to Zag! Huh? What? Well, I’m sitting here with Counting Crows […]