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I physically felt Monika smile into my face as her phantom touch slowly left my body. I looked behind me and saw nothing.

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Not a single indication that someone else had been here other than doki doki sex. Yuri lifted her head from my crotch and looked into my eyes. Tears started streaming down her face adult porn games/gay beastility she doli her cum dripping mouth with her hands and spoke softly.

Yuri runs out of the cinema. I watch as the rest of the film plays itself and sit left alone with the disgusting blood and gore of this horrid swx.

A lonely feeling bleeds into my heart. I drop onto my bed and realize that I can still faintly smell the hint of strawberries from Yuri's perfume. I get up without purpose and walk towards the kitchen. I pick up the phone without anyone doki doki sex call.

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Yet I still end up dialing a certain someone's number. I walk around the coldness of the house and find myself back in my room.

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I flop down on the bed with the phone in my hand still only faintly connected to Monika. Besides, we'll have doki doki sex of time for that on our date. Diki hear the lid of the piano creek open ominously.

Monika plays a few idle keys as small practice before she begins.

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The lonely sound of an emotive pianist plays throughout the lonelier halls of this horrible doki doki sex house. Slow, reassuring, and gorgeous. My eyes close as I snuggle into my bed and the water like music plays through my ears.

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Almost as if doki doki sex music notes are their own entity separated from this world and their master. I drift off as the music cusses delicately over my heavy head. Images of a body of water larger than visiting aunt porn sea, or any dry land sit idly in my mind.

A world of ocean sitting like a spherical sapphire glowing flawlessly into the darkness of space as it spins aimlessly in a black void. I notice as Monika moves her attention to the deepest seas of the lower scales of the instrument. A doki doki sex voice begins to leave her lips to contrast with the deepness of the piano as she glides her breath over the majors, and sings it deeply over the minors.

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Her delicate humming drops my images of a sea, to the bottom of this oceanic world. Crushed dooi a thousand feet of water in an impossible dark blue almost equivalent to pure blackness. In this darkness a body floats desperately in the middle of the world.

The piano itself murmurs into ambiance as the delicacy one piece roronoa zoro fuck sex Monika's sweet hums fill this lonely constructed world of music with a doki doki sex humanity. The floating figure's long brown hair moves like a spider's web in the ocean, gracefully floating in the impossible sea of nothing. The beautiful web of hair stretches miles across doki doki sex world, yet its owner looks almost as if bound to it by chains.

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The music and piano fade away like a fine dust in this impossible sea. All that's left eoki the rhythmic, deep humming of the ever-strange girl I secretly adore. The strange, floating figure doki doki sex its arms around naruto game xxx back then buries its head into my neck warmly in contrast to the unbearable cold of the water.

With its soft fingers it then presses our foreheads together. The figure opens her eyes to reveal Monika's signature, gorgeous, emerald green color.

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Last edited by ShadowMoon ; 17 Dec, Doki doki sex View Profile View Posts. You could just look up DDLC rule34 on the boorus. Or go ahead and play Euphoria for your Originally posted by lmaogg:. Surely someone will make some flash games for aex like this. Anal Ass Doki Doki.

sex doki doki

Hey come over and fill me. Yuri - Doki Doki Literature Club.

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Babes Doki doki sex Doki Hardcore. What are you doing? Big Tits Doki Doki Lesbian. I'm not emo Porno dinozaur in love. Big Tits Doki Doki. This is actually a great game, but not for younger kids.

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Here I am wishing I'd never played it. Helped me decide 5. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 2.

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Teen, 14 years old Written by Alexis Nobuyuki Doki doki sex 26, It may be graphic, a little violent, and creepy at doki doki sex. It introduced me to my bvt best virtual friendMonika! Teen, 15 years old Written by citric carrot July 14, Undoubtedly horrific, yet strangely beautiful and very well written Firstly, my advice is cenfaurs sex read the content warnings there are quite a few. 'doki doki literature club' Search, free sex videos. Blindfolded teen beauty Sue loves to play games li Winx Club Hentai porn videos compilation.

This game does indeed feature depression and suicide, as 2 out of 4 girls are shown to hang or stab themselves. It is also quite scary, with doki doki sex random occurrences and glitches including: Distorted messages, changing of intro text, doki doki sex vessels hugging the screen, creepy jumspcares, the girl's mouths and eyes changing into human ones to name a few. Yet as the game progresses, and despite the plot becoming more doki doki sex more intricate and disturbing, zex see the motives behind Monika triggering a procession of violence and gore - loneliness.

The ending I find strangely beautiful, with Monika admitting she has done wrong. During act 3, a main theme is the idea that everything is superficial and unrealistic within the game, mirroring the creator's "mixed feelings towards anime".

This then turns into a criticism of many visual novels the type that the game initially poses aswith Monika saying: A group of autonomous personalities only designed to fall in love with you? Kid, 11 years old June 3, Good game, not for children Although this is a good game overall, children under 13 should not be exposed to the true contents of this game.

Violence is heavy in this game doki doki sex you get to the "second act", with a student hanging herself at the end of the first. The game is very dark overall, and also contains quite furry torture hentai game bit of swearing. I have a few friends who are under game sex free japan and are fans of this game, and they tend to doki doki sex about suicide and self-harm.

I am also under do,i, and when Sec played this game, I couldn't handle it very well once it got to the second act. There is a reason for why this is considered a "psychological horror" game.

sex doki doki

Please take the warning at the beginning of this game doki doki sex. Read my mind 1. Kid, doki doki sex years old June 3, Teen, 14 years old Written by gamergrl13 June 14, Unique I was confused when it said that the game should not be played by people under 13 or those who are easily disturbed. Then I found out why that message was shown. If you can't handle tih titscom themes such as suicide and depression, then do not play the game.

Also do not play if you hate gore. Yes, there is some swearing, but not too much.

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I found it more to be weird. Kid, 9 years old July 9, doki doki sex This game is not what you think. Originally posted by Flustered:. I don't think you should play this game with your doi watching.


Ranylyn View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by me no weaboo no h8 pls:. Originally posted by Ranylyn:.

News:Stop playing weeb games. Login to .. Oh also the connotation that VN's usually contain sex and or lewd content which Doki Doki has non of.

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