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Feb 17, - But extra points go out to the moder for making this mini sex game interactive. a strip club to advanced “hot girl” models that talk to you (crazy idea right?) Saints Row: IV's dubstep gun, while naked; the best of both worlds.

Parent reviews for Saints Row 2

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Disney Princess hentai - Tiana meet Charlotte. Disney Hentai - Buzz and others. The violence is balanced by a number of factors, including the fantastical and unrealistic nature of the game, and the violence being forged against evil supernatural opponents saints row babes nude than humans.

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Characters occasionally use highly offensive language. Its casual use may negatively affect children and potentially encourage them to perceive the language as socially acceptable.

Porngamesplayonline extent of such language is low.

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The dominant effect of the game is a third-person console game set in a fictional underworld. The player has a heroic goal to obliterate evil demons and tear apart Hell in order to sants the president.

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Injuries are inflicted with weapons such as guns and knives, as well as physical beatings. This content is likely to be disturbing to children. There is also the risk of children becoming desensitised or inured over the bokep silktoy term to violence, and trivialising it, seeing nudw as amusing or exciting.

The likelihood of injury to the public good is avoided by restricting saints row babes nude game to players aged bzbes and over. Teenagers and adults are saints row babes nude to separate vicarious participation in the game world from real life violence.

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This classification is considered reasonable, demonstrably justifiable, and the minimum restriction applicable, in order to prevent likely injury saints row babes nude the public good.

This game does have strippers and pole dancers in it, but rpw is no nudity at all.

Parent reviews for Saints Row IV

You can not get involved in sexual acts with the prostitutes on the street. The cussing in this game is nothing compared to GTA.

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Ro will mainly here your charactor cuss if he gets shot at. The violence in this game is just as bad as the violence in GTA.

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I would rent this game first saint watch your kids play it before you buy it. This is a very good game and i would recomend it to anyone 13 and over.

Read Saints Row IV reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. Short of any actual nudity or simulated sex, there is a lot going on here. There are prostitutes that open solicit activity on the street, and there are XXX video stores on a 3) The violence isn't actually all that bad, compared to some other games.

Adult Written by buddyjones June 17, Parent Written by Plague December 1, Fun freesexpoen for everyone. Ah babex beautiful sequel to the glorious Saints Row.

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My son and I love this game. Your guy can finally talk in this saints row babes nude. The main storyline is bigger and funner. I loved the first Saints Row, but I have to say Saints row babes nude row 2 has the props. Parent of a 12 year old Written by Kids should be lets play sex June 29, Its over all a good game We want our kids to be happy right?

And they can still be happy without you losing sleep if you read this and understand.

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My oldest son is Twelve, he has the game,and he says that he likes it for being able to so many fun things in the game, not for the drugs and murder, and sex. I saints row babes nude played it and it's not bad compared to saints row babes nude goes on in the real world, most of the disgusting, vile, terrible things that go on in the ruto hentai world are never even spoken of in this game.


And i know what you're thinkingit's that even if they sainhs been exposed to it before why should they be exposed to it even more.

Well you're answer is, they really shouldn't, but, saints row babes nude know that it is wrong, and i know that it rarely happens in the game.

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So I hope that I have changed your point of view because i put a lot of effort into making our children happy.

Nudf to Common Sense Review.

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Personalize Common Sense for your family. How saintd is hentaistorysex kid? Informizely customer feedback surveys. Give Pause The game is series of quests that are simulations.

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So all of the outlandish behavior is set in a different context. I doubt the developers intended bsbes this way. There are aliens, which are depicted in a humorous manner.

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They are dealt with in fictional method with earned given comic book type powers to defeat. Read my mind 9.

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Parent of a 12 year old Written by RonWilliams October 14, This game is amazing and not saints row babes nude at all for children. The roe will just go black. As for the violence you're fighting aliens with laser guns.

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I don't orw that's a problem. Porn games on ps4 you have a problem saints row babes nude the sex then you just have to trust your kids. And I really doubt your kid wants this to have sex anyway. All in all, its a good game and a lot of fun. Saints row babes nude useful details 7.

Perfect Game For Mature Kids This game is a very good game, you only have to do the first mission which is not very violent to get into the game, then your kid can freeroam without having sex and killing people.

Mar 16, - Shadows, Quit Playing Games, Let It Out, Minds Eye Diary, Wig Wam Bam, Drunken Sailor, Dreams, High Time,

Does have a lot of swearing though. Helped me decide 5. Read my mind 4. Adult Written by Pug July 10, I have not got the game yet but I'm thinking about it Parents don't be afraid to get your kid this game it's not that bad I saints row babes nude I'm a kid but still it's not that bad sex isn't a big factor violenc there is human and alien enemies some blood vabes gore yes strong language but saints row babes nude no big deal I will get the game soon and try it out do some research sonic and tails porn YouTube its a perfect m game.

Helped me decide 3. Had useful details 5.

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Read my mind 6. Fun game, great for kids, played with my toddler, who thought it was hilarious. Play this with your kids, your kid's kid, or your great-grandchildren. Had useful details 3. Adult Written by Daniel M.

The Wild Boys – High Time [2004]

Alien shooter mixes with sex and drugs This game is specifically aimed at adults. I do NOT recommend this game for anyone younger than 16, as this content is very mature.

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Myself I find this game really fun, saints row babes nude a great addition to the Saint's row franchise. The violence isn't too bad but at the start you make a vicious attack on a terrorist, where you cut his throat while he writhes on the floor blood pouring out. Adult Written by brucen1 December 3,

News:Read Saints Row 2 reviews from parents on Common Sense Media. just get the platinum hits version it has no sex mini game and sounds of people There is fare less swearing violence, nudity etc. Adult Written byrandomjoeys June 16, This game is just one of the many games that feed the bad moral fires that.

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